[White Paper] Orthopedics: How to Strategically Build and Optimize a High-Margin Service Line


Fifteen of the top 20 US News and World Report Hospitals also appear in the top 20 national ranking for orthopedics. As leading Centers of Excellence shift towards greater value, they're investing in orthopedic episodic care management to future-proof their organization. 

In this whitepaper, published alongside Becker’s Hospital Review, you’ll learn how 60+ leading ortho groups are turning their pain points into opportunities by:

  1. Controlling patient-generated cost by engaging patients across the entire journey

  2. Extending reach into the home by optimizing navigation and clinician workflows

  3. Predicting outcomes by creating a process for data collection and evidence-based change

[Webinar] The Playbook for Success in BPCI-A  and CJR

The open enrollment period for BPCI Advanced (Model Year 3) is open from now through June 24. There are a few key changes from previous rounds, but one thing remains the same: success is dependent on preparedness.

For the past several years, Force’s CEO, Bronwyn Spira, has worked alongside value-based leaders to achieve success in the bundle. Join her for a 20-minute webinar, where she’ll share key insights including:  

  • Building your strategic infrastructure  to deliver seamless episodic care

  • Changing organizational mindset from cost-reduction to quality leader

  • Model 3 updates, tips for enrollment, and service-line analysis

[Webinar] achieving advanced certification from the joint commission

Advanced Certification is a gold seal of approval for successful, value-based organizations.

In this webinar recording, Force's VP of Client Success discusses what her team has learned while working alongside client organizations to achieve Advanced Certification from the Joint Commission. 

Some of the key strategies for success she covers are: 

  • Establishing a consistent approach to care, reducing variation and the risk of error

  • Supporting collaboration of teams across the continuum of care

  • Demonstrating commitment to a higher standard of clinical service

[Webinar] how variation in orthopedics is impacting your top and bottom line

Controlling variation in pre- and post-op care is critical to driving growth and margins, but few know how to do it.

Force's VP of Client Development discussed what he's seen go wrong as organizations redesign their service lines to control variation in pre- and post-op care and how innovators can avoid the same mistakes. Some of the key challenges he touches on are:

  • Gathering evidence to drive decision making

  • Standardizing patient communication and education

  • Controlling cost and inefficiencies in care navigation

[Webinar] PANEL RECORDING FROM JAMM: opioid-sparing pain management in the TJA Episode

Force's VP of Clinical Integration, Sarah Ulcoq, presented research insights as part of an opioid-sparing pain management panel at Joint Arthroplasty Mountain Meeting.

[Webinar] designing solutions for executive challenges: optimizing patient navigation

Most leading organizations have begun to use patient navigation to standardize higher-value care, but few have fully optimized their workflows.

Watch this webinar to hear Force Therapeutics' Product Director, Ange Delgado discuss what their team has learned about:

  • Scaling FTEs by improving navigator workflows

  • Improving patient outcomes through streamlined communication

  • Establishing and standardizing evidence-based care delivery practices

[Webinar] Clinical insights for executive strategy: Cost, quality, & Patient satisfaction improvement

Sarah Ulcoq, VP of Research and Clinical Integration at Force Therapeutics, discusses how recent studies can inform executive strategy around cost, quality, and patient satisfaction improvement.

She draws on research Force has done with Northwell Health and NYU Langone Health to discuss strategies for:

  • Curbing post-acute spending

  • Using asynchronous telehealth to reduce readmission

  • Implementing opioid-sparing protocols


[Webinar] Future-proofing orthopedic service line through virtual care

Bill Porter, VP of Client Development and Head of Bundled Payment Strategy discusses:

  • The strategic focuses of leading orthopedic centers

  • How leaders are future-proofing their service lines in response

  • What it takes to build a care continuum outside the hospital

[Whitepaper] Drivers of High Patient Satisfaction: What is the Correlation Between Functional Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction?

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 6.56.55 PM.png

Patient satisfaction is one of the highest weighted measures of performance. 

This is a particular challenge in orthopedics where despite increasingly effective procedures, there is variation in patient satisfaction. 

View our white paper to find out what kind of patient experience correlates with high satisfaction.