Controlling variation in pre- and post-op care is critical to driving growth and margins -- but few know how to do it.

Force's VP of Client Development discussed what he's seen go wrong as organizations redesign their service lines to control variation in pre- and post-op care and how innovators can avoid the same mistakes. Some of the key challenges he touches on are:

  • Gathering evidence to drive decision making

  • Standardizing patient communication and education

  • Controlling cost and inefficiencies in care navigation

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About the Speaker:

Bill Porter is a member of the founding team at Force Therapeutics. As VP of Client Development, he has helped some of the largest hospitals in the country adapt to healthcare's changing business models and save millions of dollars on care delivery.

Bill began his career in the financial sector at Capital IQ, a market intelligence company. When he transitioned to healthcare as a strategic sales leader at ZocDoc, he brought his interest in data-based strategy with him. Here at Force, Bill's passion for smart, effective solutions is a key driver in our mission to provide orthopedic patients with better care for less.


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