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The Force Research Platform

The Force Research Platform is designed to help researchers put their patient data to work. The platform supports researchers with improved remote outcomes collection, direct study design, enrollment tracking, and single source reporting.


Multi-center Studies

The Force platform enables seamless collaboration across organizations through the collection of meaningful data from multiple populations.


Self-directed exercise program is adequate and appropriate for most patients following UKA

Investigators: Fillingham YA, Darrith B, Crizer M, Culbern C, Lonner J, Della Valle CJ

Presented at AAHKS 2017, Presented at AAOS 2018, Published in JOA 2018


studies with partner organizations


Unsupervised home exercise showed equivalent outcomes to traditional outpatient physiotherapy in primary TKA

Investigators: Fleischman A, Crizer M, Tarabichi M, Rothman RH, Lonner JH, Chen AF

Presented at AAHKS (First place in primary knee category), EOA 2017, AAOS 2018, Received the Knee Society John N. Insall MD Award 2018, Presented at CORR 2018

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No difference in patient-reported outcomes in THA patients who utilized only virtual rehab vs. those who had additional home health services

Investigators: Davidovitch R, Anoushiravani A, Feng J, Chen K, Mercuri J, Pepper A, Karia R, Schwarzkopf R, Spira B, Iorio RF

Presented at AAHKS 2017, Published at JOA 2018

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Integrating validated online patient platforms into clinical practice significantly improves outcomes completion rates

Investigators: Chen K, Feng J, Anoushiravani A, Kim K, Pepper A, Spira B, Karia R, Davidovitch R, Iorio R

Presented at AOA 2018

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Postoperative step count is an objective measure of postoperative physical recovery over the 12-week duration in TJA patients

Investigators: Crizer M, Kazarian F, Fleischman A, Lonner J, Maltenfort M, Chen A

Published at JoA 2017

Successful outcomes can be achieved with a web-based home therapy program after TSA

Investigators: Davis D, Cox R, Lazarus M, Ramsey M, Namdari S

AoA 2018

Online patient engagement varies by age, data capture is highest in patients who choose the mobile application

Investigators: Bell K, Warnick E, Nicholson K, Ulcoq S, Kim S, Vaccaro A

Published at AJMQ 2018