Geisinger boosts orthopedic outcomes with EHR-virtual care

The Pennsylvania-based health system is the first to merge data collected from a remote care management platform into its Epic electronic health record system.


Orthopedists start to adopt virtual continuity of care

Despite not being able to see the patient in person when electronic follow-up methods are used, Roy I. Davidovitch, MD, Julia Koch Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at NYU Langone Health in New York, has found these afford surgeons more control of and efficiency with their patients’ preoperative and postoperative treatment and follow-up.


The Force is with Northwell Patients

Post-operative connections between Northwell Health surgeons and patients have been strengthened by another technological upgrade. The New Hyde Park-based health system and New York City-based Force Therapeutics, a web-based patient-management specialist, will implement a “customized video-based software platform” promoting better post-operative care


Rothman Institute strengthens collaboration with Force Therapeutics to boost surgery recovery 

Philadelphia-based Rothman Institute is expanding its partnership with New York City-based Force Therapeutics to enhance patient communication and education.Rothman Institute and Force have been partners for three years, during which time Rothman Institute patients' functional outcomes have increased.


More joint-replacement patients are skipping physical therapy

A recent Rothman study found that hip-replacement patients did no better with physical therapy than with just "walking around" and home exercises, Chen said. She still orders outpatient therapy for most of her knee-replacement patients, but fellow Rothman surgeon Carl Deirmengian has over the last few years begun sending most of his knee-replacement patients home with no physical therapy.