“We live in a digital age and medicine is stuck in a geographical space. We need to be able to exchange information in a meaningful way.

What Force allows us to do is keep track of you, in an intimate way.”
— John Grady Benson MD | Chief Clinical Officer, CJRI
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Patients are the most important part of the Care Team

Patients who take an active role in their care have better outcomes. Force makes it easy to stay engaged and on track.

force helps patients Know what's coming up

Force organizes the details of patient care plans and makes them digestible. Continuous education and communication make sure they have the right information at the right time.

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home is the most comfortable pLAce to recover

Research has found that for many patients, home is the safest place to recover after surgery. Patients who recover at home report higher levels of satisfaction and fewer complications.

Force is with patients through their recovery

The Force platform gives patients easy and immediate access to their Care Team. The Force Patient Success team is on call to help patients get comfortable using the platform and answer technical questions

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Hear from patients about their Force experience