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 Force founders


Bronwyn Spira, CEO


Mark Lieberman, President


Client development

“Our team builds relationships with innovative health systems. We listen carefully to their needs and pain points, and respond with our knowledge about the new era of digital health. There’s this expectation that at your first job you’re not going to make a real impact. At Force, I see my impacts within the team and within the company everyday.”
— Miguel
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Aimee Carlotto, Enterprise Salesperson


Matt Jones, Sales Associate

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Brennan Weiss, Senior Sales Ops Associate

Miguel Mattox, Senior Sales Associate


Jake Hungarter, Senior Sales Associate


Priscilla Pennington, Enterprise Salesperson


Amy Babington, VP Client Success & Strategy


Emily Wolcott, Account Manager


Kelly Gagnon, Account Manager


Alex Fierens, Account Manager


Danielle Grasso, Patient Success Coordinator

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Rachel Rabinowitz, Account Manager

Armando Agosto, Patient Success Associate


Jillian Racoosin, Director of Key Accounts


Sarah Lynch, Patient Success Associate

Client success & Strategy

We are a team of critical thinkers, listeners, & doers. Challenge is our favorite task to take on. You can find us working closely with our end users to understand their pain points and help them achieve quality care.
— Jillian

Clinical integration & Research

We collect a vast amount of data from providers and patients and there’s a huge potential there. Evidence-based medicine is the future and we’re directly contributing to that. I feel like what I do really matters here. I can see the impact. We can find insights in the data and immediately take that back to our clients to help them improve.
— Seong
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Becky Teng, Research Associate


Caroline Varriale, Clinical Integration Associate

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Mikayla McGrath, Research Associate


Jacs De Leuw, Senior Production Coordinator


Sarah Ulcoq, VP Clinical Integration & Research


Seong Kim, Senior Research Analyst

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Jeremy Hall, Clinical Integration Associate


Shu-Ying Chung, Animator

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Chris Young, Project Manager


Ross Wilson, Senior Engineer

Jay Sheth, Senior Engineer

Stephen Johnston, VP Engineering


Phillip Lisovicz, Senior Engineer


Vishesh Bhalla, Engineer


As members of the tech team, we get to come into work everyday and collaborate with an intelligent group to make a product that helps patients! Each of us are owners and experts on the modules we build. We have the autonomy to try new things as we build features and are constantly sharing lessons-learned with the team.
— Ross

Product Development

We have direct channels that give us a pulse on the end-users, all day, everyday, so we can quickly get to the heart of the issues as they come up. Because we really understand the people using our product, when we build solutions for them it’s seamless.
— Ange

Ange Delgado, Director of Product Development


Conor Boylan, UX Designer


Eleni Matheou, UX Researcher

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Caleb Rivera, Office Coordinator


Claire Babbage, People Ops


People ops

We are a group of mission-driven and passionate people who are supportive and collaborative, fostering an inclusive work environment every single day.
— Claire

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