The complete episode-based digital care platform for orthopedics

Extend the reach of clinicians, reduce variation, and drive better patient outcomes.

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Investing in your 
orthopedic service line

Total joint replacement is expected to grow 434% by 2030. Coupled with the shift towards value-based care, there’s an opportunity for leading health systems to prioritize their orthopedic service lines to improve margins — especially as payers and self-insured employers continue steering patients towards organizations that demonstrate quality and value.

With nearly a decade of experience across 60+ centers and 125,000+ patients, the Force team has built the playbook for orthopedic episodic care management success.

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Kelly McCrone

TJR, Patient Navigator

"Having Force allows me to efficiently do follow up with patients without playing phone tag with phone calls. I now have more time to spend on other areas."

A comprehensive platform for multiple needs

Empower patients through personalized, digital connections

At the heart of every great outcome is a meaningful relationship between patient and physician. However, patients often feel anxious and disconnected from the most important voice: their doctor.

With 90% of recovery taking place in the home, interactions at critical points beyond the traditional four walls of a hospital are increasingly important. By leveraging Force’s unique ability to engage patients for an entire episode, physicians have the ability to effectively personalize their message, scale their reach, and continuously innovate methods of care delivery.

Spend more time with the patients that need it most

Providers are historically burdened by repetitive tasks that ultimately increase workload with minimal return. With limited resources and the demand to deliver more for less, health systems are looking to innovative solutions for their care teams.

Customized workflows through Force enable clinicians to effectively communicate with one another, monitor and manage patients in the home, and standardize key interactions and follow ups — spending less time on administrative tasks, and more time with their patients.

Informed decision making via benchmarking and analytics

Most service line leaders lack the comprehensive evidence they need to identify the cause of cost and quality variation, and traditional Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) provide only a small glimpse into the patient journey.

With Force’s unique ability to engage patients on a daily basis, you’re able to automate PROMs collection and fill in the gaps with discrete analytics, made actionable through enterprise dashboards, customized reports, and a hands-on Client Success team to help operationalize your strategic vision.

Bridge the Outcomes Gap at Your Organization

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