Force launches PROMIS® CAT

PROMs collection is a critical component of innovative care redesign and patient outcomes improvement.

Historically, outcomes have been challenging to collect via paper. Long, analog forms demand a lot of patient’s time and attention, resulting in low compliance and a negative impact on patient satisfaction. This has been an enduring problem for clinicians who rely on PROMs to monitor patients, report to registries, and conduct research.

Force has launched a more efficient, dynamic digital PROMs collection tool, Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System® - Computer Adaptive Testing (PROMIS CAT), to address these challenges in order to increase collection rates, while reducing patient burden.


  1. Reduces collection time

  2. Is validated across a range of patient populations

  3. Increases patient and provider satisfaction


Shorter completion times, higher completion rates

PROMIS CAT uses item-response theory to optimize forms as patients complete them, serving them more relevant questions based on the answers they’ve previously provided. The algorithms behind PROMIS CAT maintain the forms integrity, while sharpening outcomes measure and cutting form completion time in half.

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*Reducing Survey Burden: Feasibility and Validity of PROMIS for Multiple Sclerosis, Senders, A. ND., Hanes, D. PHD, Bourdette, D. MD, Whitham R. MD, Shinto L. ND MPH


Holistic, validated patient monitoring

PROMIS CAT gathers data points on mental, physical, and social health, in order to provide clinicians with a dynamic understanding of their patients’ status.

The collection system has been validated by several studies across a range of orthopedic specialties including, sports, spine, osteoarthritis, and joints.

To better improve clinical care, Force’s PROMIS CAT offers state-of-the-art measures to objectively capture patients’ symptoms and level of functioning.
— Michelle Langer, PROMIS Products Manager

Improved patient and provider satisfaction

PROMIS CAT reduces burden and improves satisfaction for both patients and providers. Shorter, more relevant forms communicate a respect for patient time. Patients are more likely to complete optimized surveys without requiring support from their care team, which scales and streamlines the PROMs collection process for everyone involved.

Our clients use PROMIS CAT to simultaneously collect patient data for research and care redesign, and improve patient and provider satisfaction.

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