Smart Tasks enables proactive care management
at every critical point in an episode of care

This new Force platform feature streamlines and organizes patient navigation to help you prioritize and
track the completion of check-ins, calls, and other standard communications.

ImprovE Patient & Provider Satisfaction

Muve Health is a network of leading surgeons and Specialty Hospitals focused on innovating the Total Joint experience. Click on the video to the right to hear how their navigators use Smart Tasks to manage patients in the outpatient setting.


Standardize communication

Use Smart Tasks to create a daily list of check-ins that support a standard outreach schedule and workflow. Tailor these tasks to their existing workflows to easily track who needs to be contacted and when to reach out.

Prioritize 1:1 Patient Outreach

With Smart Tasks, take patient engagement, compliance, and risk level into account when prioritizing communication. See whether patients are regularly interacting with assigned exercise and educational materials, and focus outreach efforts on less engaged patients.

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stay Flexible

While Smart Tasks are designed to be standardized to reduce variation in care, we know that not every patient is alike. When patients require unique attention, add custom tasks to manage individualized follow-ups.

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