Advanced Certification is a Gold Seal of Approval for Successful, Value-based Organizations

In this webinar recording, Force's VP of Client Success discusses what her team has learned while working alongside client organizations to achieve Advanced Certification from the Joint Commission. 

Some of the key strategies for success she covers are: 

  • Establishing a consistent approach to care, reducing variation and the risk of error

  • Supporting collaboration of teams across the continuum of care

  • Demonstrating commitment to a higher standard of clinical service


About the Speaker:

Amy Babington is a member of the founding team at Force Therapeutics. As VP of Client Success & Strategy, she has helped some of the largest hospitals in the country create more efficient and effective service lines for their clinicians and patients.

Amy began her career in the financial sector as an equity researcher. Here at Force, Amy brings the same rigor, business acumen, and data-centricity to her partnerships with innovative organizations in streamlining clinical workflows and improving patient experience.


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